Monday, August 1, 2011


Day 312
My First Pedicure

Day 313
A hammer and a saw all a girl needs

Day 314
Hanging out with Aunty Mo
Day 315
Playing with Janet on True Blood night

Day 316
My Prince at Fairytale Town
Day 317
State Fair with Cousin RyRy

Day 318
Birthday Lunch with My Aunt Trish


Day 305
Daddy said I looked chilly
Day 306
Sleeping in Style
Day 307
Aunty Rachel's Bridal Shower
Day 308
Aunty Mandy's Bday dinner with the family
Day 309
Feeding myself with a spoon
Day 310
Kicking up my heels
Day 311
Family Hike in Auburn 


Day 298
Trying on Mommy's Bridesmaid Shoes

Day 299
Grammy I want a hat made out of this one
Day 300
Baby Tonka Races at Bear River
Day 301
Helping Grampy put up the Fisherman

Day 302
Happy Fourth of July
Day 303
It's Five O'clock Somewhere 
Day 304
Swimming with Grandma Rhonda