Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 361
Reading with my Gigi

Day 362
Tasting Aunty Mo's Birthday boob cake

Day 363
I had ice cream for lunch

Day 364
Playing at the park and birthday photoshoot

Day 365
12 Months

Day 354
Super Model Pose

Day 355
My new crib at Grammy and Grampy's

Day 356
Come back Jem...COME BACK

Day 357
Rocklin Slash Park

Day 358
Cereal with milk YUMMMMMMMM

Day 359
Otter Pop's Rock

Day 360
Bottle Break with Cousin Ryry
Day 347

Day 348
Playing piano at Rachel's

Day 349
Camping with Carly

Day 350
Playing ball with Bob

Day 351
Such a big girl             

Day 352
Helping load the dishwasher

Day 353
Goodbye Hippo
Day 340

Day 341
Getting ready to go to the bay and see my family

Day 342
Playing with Asher at the park

Day 343
Love her

Day 344
Hooray for Sushi Lunches

Day 345
Just making sure your still their

Day 346
Lowes for some DYI supplies
Day 333
Look at her little hand

Day 334
Jem Huggs

Day 335
Kailey's Airplane Party

Day 336
Noodle Hair. Pretty like Rapunzel 

Day 337
Hello Pig

Day 338
Puddle Jumping

Day 339
Her favorite cup
Day 326
at the bunny park

Day 327
not a morning person

Day 328
Family Reunion

Day 329
Rockin' it

Day 330
Month 11

Day 331
Doodle bug

Day 332
Learning her letters. She only liked the E
Day 319
Diaper Derby Amador County Fair

Day 320
Chillaxin' in the cold tub

Day 321
Nap time

Day 322
Rocking in Uncle James' rocker

Day 323
Fly Ducky

Day 324
Too Cool
Day 325

Monday, August 1, 2011


Day 312
My First Pedicure

Day 313
A hammer and a saw all a girl needs

Day 314
Hanging out with Aunty Mo
Day 315
Playing with Janet on True Blood night

Day 316
My Prince at Fairytale Town
Day 317
State Fair with Cousin RyRy

Day 318
Birthday Lunch with My Aunt Trish